Ausschnitt aus dem Kurzvideo der Parallel Vienna 2021, Quelle: You Tube, Parallel Vienna.




In 2021 I had the honor to exhibit as invited artist statement at Parallel Vienna. 

Here are some impressions of that statement:




Holiday in a Jar | 3D pencil drawing on paper in jar | 2021


Mistakes. Collection of learnings | rubber fuzz in jar | 2021


Digtial collage mixed into drawn collage themed statement

Urlaub 2020, Füße im Goldfischglas

Holidays 2020 | 3D pencil drawing in a jar | 2020

Clipping of the virtual tour:

Check out the whole virtual tour of Parallel Vienna 2021 here: 

Making of process:


Studio view and sneek peak into the making of process 


The Story behind | Time to get alive again |

Drawings | Collages | Augmented Reality |

This mix of analoge and digital artworks can be seen as considerations or absurd attempts to explain the world. For example: How does the evolutionare development of the homo sapiens sapiens (sapiens) look like, when he/ she tries to adapt the new environment s/he is living in? Like: the own four walls …

 Does s/he become a house?

Becoming a House 1, Collage, gerahmt, 40x30cm, 2019

Or something digital?

Time to get alive again is a journey through different realities and identities. The digital, the analog and the augmented one.